Writings and Seminars Presented

ADLS/REINZ Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate 9th ed 2012(3): charting recent changes. 2016

Agreement for Sale and Purchase 5th ed 1993 : Quo Vadis the Building Act : Changes to Clauses 6(1)(8) and 6(1)(9) of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase : Land Information Memorandum. 1993

Building Contracts. 1997

Building Contracts: The Essential Issues. NZLS, 1995

Challenges for Bodies Corporate. 2015

Conveyancing Pot Pourri. 1996

Conveyancing Pot Pourri 1993: The Interface between the Building Act and the Resource Management Act : Cross Lease Securities and Mortgages : Fencing Disputes and Problems : Building Consents : Cross Lease : Power of Attorney. 1993

Conveyancing Pot Pourri II. 2008

Conveyancing Pot Pourri I 0f 2010.

Conveyancing Pot Pourri II. 2013

Electronic Property Transactions – Getting it Right. NZLS, 2006

Emerging Issues in Complex Developments for Property Lawyers. 2007

Model Operational Rules and Unit Titles Pot Pourri of Issues / ADLS Inc. 2012

New REINZ Sale and Purchase Agreement Form. 2009

Subdivisions and The Resource Management Act. NZLS, 1992

Taking Torrens into the 21st Century: Conference Proceedings, 2003

Technology for Conveyancers. NZLS, 1998

Unit Titles. 2013

Unit Titles Act 2010. 2011

Unit Titles Act 2010. ADLS Forms Update. 2011

Subdivision and complex developments for NZLS 2006.